Chat & Telemedicine

We all know what it’s like to have worries about our pets’ health and life, and we all certainly know what’s like to have somebody to help us.

Through the app, now you’re always in touch with your vet. If you notice that something unusual happens with your pet, you can have a chat with your vet and he will tell you if it’s necessary or not to come to the clinic.

Also in case of emergency, you can contact your vet and ask him any question, rdescribe your pet’s symptoms and get advice on what to do next.  As you can see, Digitail is a great time-saver and your trusted partner in taking better care of your pet.

As long as you have Digitail App in your pocket, you have a “protective shield” against any situation. You have the vet with you, always! You can get your free Digitail App from Google Play and App Store.

Find a vet in your area just in few seconds!

Q&A session with your vet. He will kindly advise you.

A 5-minutes-chat or a 3-hours-adventure with your pet? What do you prefer?

You can find the app in the Google Play and App Store: it’s easy to use, it’s free, it’s clear and intuitive. It’s your awesome experience called Digitail!