Diary Notes

That moment when you are at the vet, he/she asks you what happened with your pet and you… uhm.

You just end up telling him/her broadly the symptoms you’ve noticed, BUT the point consists in details.

Your app is your tool. Use it precisely.

With Digitail, you can take notes & photos every time something unusual happens with your pet. Then show your vet the photos and notes, in order to see the symptoms’ evolution and to give an accurate treatment!

Write down everything, it will help you to be clear in front of your vet.

You play a key role in your pet's health. Act accordingly and provide to your vet the info he needs.

You will feel amazing when you will have everything about your pet in one app!

You can find the app in the App Store and Google Play: it’s easy to use, it’s free, it’s clear and intuitive. It’s your awesome experience called Digitail!