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Add protocols & services

How to add new protocols?

You can create the services and the protocols available in your veterinary practice. Set the price and the products used for the service.  The option is available in Administration -> Protocols



These services can be used in the consultation records. This means that filling in the record will take even less time, as the price and the necessary products will be automatically filled in (and the stock updated).


Because we know that in real life the medical cases can be different, you have the possibility to edit the products and their quantities or the prices.

For example, if the protocol has predefined 2 pills and 1 vaccine, but you actually used 3 pills and a vaccine from a different brand because the recommended one was out of stock, you can edit all these in order to keep your stock accurate and up to date. In case you don’t have a product in stock, the system will alert you automatically so you can replace it with a different one. 

As well, if the service took more time or it had some complications, you can edit the default price.