Must-haves for your first rabbit

Are you thinking about getting your very first pet rabbit? Wondering what the must-haves are? Keep on reading! 🐰

Rabbits can be the sweetest of pets, but keep in mind that before bringing one to your home, you have to prepare your house for their arrival.

Rabbits are unique animals that require specific care.


First pet rabbit must-haves:


1️⃣ Prepare the habitat

Q: What does habitat mean? A: Home or environment for your little fluffy friend.

Rabbits need space to thrive and develop.

Probably the most important first rabbit must-haves.

When it comes to habitat, it is of great importance that your rabbit has enough space.

👉🏻 Here you’ll find some options for the habitat

When choosing the habitat, think about how many rabbits you’ll have and about where you’ll put it in your house. It is preferable for it to be placed in the center of your home.
Keep in mind that it is best to not let your rabbit unattended because they will, most probably, chew everything in their path 🐇.

🔆Extra tip: buy a puppy pen for your rabbit. They usually have a door so you can ✅let your baby rabbit roam free for a few hours a day. Be sure the puppy pen is high enough 😉


2️⃣ Bedding

Your rabbit’s toilet actually – because some bunnies are litter trainable, you can buy a medium-sized cat litter box and for the litter, you can find some options 👉🏻 here.

An important thing that you have to keep in mind is that whatever litter you use, make sure it absorbs liquids as well as odors.

🔆 Extra tip:  Another tip is to place a healthy treat on the hay/straw to encourage your rabbit to get into the box initially. Place the tray in the corner of the cage and use a scoop to clean out any droppings on a daily basis.


3️⃣ Water bottle

Proper hydration is a must for a healthy furry friend. You can choose to have a water bottle – be sure it is not placed too high for your pet.

If you choose water bowls, be sure they are made from a heavier material so that your bunny can’t tip them over.

🔆  Extra tip: no matter what you choose, make sure they always have fresh clean water – change their water daily.


4️⃣ Food

Pet rabbits need foods that are high fiber and corn-free to support their digestive health.

They also need food that will support their dental health, like hay or crunchy food pellets to help keep teeth trim.

For your new family member’s diet, it is best to talk to your veterinarian.

The vet will tell you what not to feed your rabbit and also what you can.

Place one or two food bowls in the rabbit cage allowing your pet access to food. One bowl can be used for rabbit food and the other for leafy greens.

🔆 Extra tip: keep your rabbit’s food in a food container.


5️⃣ Treats, Chews, and Toys

Providing toys for your rabbit will offer them both mental and physical stimulation.

Check that they don’t have any sharp edges beforehand as this could injure your pet.

Check out some examples for chews 👉🏻 here and 👉🏻 here

Chews are extremely important for your pet’s dental health. Keeping teeth trim is essential for animals to be able to properly eat. Chews are a safe way for animals to keep their teeth trim while having some fun, too!

Be sure you educate yourself before buying/adopting a rabbit. Preparing this first pet rabbit must-haves will make your life easier, as well as the one of your fluffy friend.

🔆  An extra and very important tip: find a vet and take your little furry best friend to their regular check-ups, their due vaccines, and preventative treatments. You will never forget about any of these if you use our intuitive app – 👉🏻 learn more here.