5 tips on pet hair removal

5 tips for pet hair removal

Removing pet hair is quite a challenge even if we talk about having just one pet. Pet parents are always looking for some tips on pet hair removal.

Pets shed a lot and sometimes keeping your house hairless can feel like a full-time job 🥱🥱😩😩


Is there something we can do to remover pet hair faster and easier❓

Let’s see 5 tips for pet hair removal👇🏻


There are nowadays lots and lots of products that promise you the moon when it comes to getting rid of a pet’s hair, but it can be hard to know beforehand which one really works.

And if you have a pet that sheds a lot, you can still have a lot of hair in your home, even when these products work.


💕 It is all worth it anyway, having a pet means so much more than some hair in your morning coffee 😂😂😂

First of all, make sure you keep your pet safe whenever you clean your house.

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But let’s see what you can do on your own at home → 5 tips on pet hair removal


⭕️ Use a sponge 🧽

You can use this on surfaces like your couch and your bed. Rub it slowly on fabric furniture and the hair will cling to it.

We all love our pets to snuggle with us on the sofa or in our beds.

You can also try and put a towel or folded blanket over your regular bedding in your pet’s favorite spot.


⭕️ Rubber gloves 🧤

The ones that you use to wash your dishes for example. Put them on and run your hands on your furniture to pick up the hair.


⭕️ DIY lint roller 🍥

Most probably you have some packaging tape at home. Just use it with the sticky side up and you will have a less pricey lint roller.


⭕️  Use a dryer sheet 💮

Rub the dryer sheets over the bedding a few times and the hair will normally come right off. If you use scented dryer sheets you can remove odors too.


For animal lovers, pet hair and pet hair removal are just a fact of life 😛🙃.

👉🏻here are some other tips on how to keep your house odor-free with pets around.