Why do cats have a hanging belly?

If you have a cat or more than one, you saw that as they grow up, they start adding layers to their belies. But why do cats have a hanging belly?

Chances are that your cat is overweight- see here how to distinguish between a well-fed cat and an overweight one.

If you get to the conclusion that your cat is not overweight, it’s time you know that that little belly of hers is called a “primordial pouch”.

But what does that mean?

That’s just another term for an extra flap of skin under the belly. This primordial pouch might not be as noticeable to some cats.

So how can you distinguish between a primordial pouch and an overweight cat?


Answer these questions:

❓ Does it jiggle from side to side?

Follow your cat’s abdomen while she’s walking. If it does jiggle, it’s the primordial pouch. If not, maybe you should book an appointment for a consult with your veterinarian. 👉🏻Here’s how to prepare for it.

❓ Where it is actually located?

Look at your cat from above. When a cat is at an ideal weight, you shouldn’t see her abdomen being round from up above.



So, why do cats have a hanging belly?

There is no sure answer to this. For now, there are just some hypothesis:


📌 It might have a role in protecting your cat’s internal organs

Maybe you saw cats playing or fighting and you saw them kicking like a bunny. This extra layer of skin might be there to protect them during fights. Remember that our cats are just smaller versions of the big cats in the wild.

📌 The primordial pouch might be there for helping them while running

In the wild, while chasing their prey, big cats stretch their limbs and whole body to speed up and reach for what they’re after. That might be why this extra skin is there.

📌 Maybe it is there to allow your cat’s abdomen to extend

Again, when thinking about cats in the wild, they don’t get food at their discretion as our pets do. So when they do get to eat, they have to eat a lot and that might mean they need extra space for their abdomen to extend.



After all, we’re not sure yet why do cats have a hanging belly, but it isn’t a motive for you to worry, that’s for sure!