The top dangers for indoor cats

While it might be pretty easy to guess the dangers that cats face outside, it can get tricky to try and guess the top dangers for indoor cats.

It is of most importance to look out for our cat’s safety, so being aware of the dangers that they can face, can be helpful. If you know, you can better protect them.


So, the top dangers for indoor cats are:

❗ Household cleaners

Probably the most obvious threat for our dear pets, household cleaners.

We talked more regarding this subject here, but before you read more about it, just keep this in mind: any substance that you use to clean your house, if it stays damp, can be ingested by your cat.

Remember that cats clean themselves by licking their fur and paws.

Keep any type of product away from their reach!


❗ Plants

Well, there is a saying amongst veterinarians that says: cats don’t go well with plants and we often joke saying that you have to choose between one of them 😊)). That’s not entirely true, as there are plants that don’t represent a threat to your pet, and you can find some of them here.

✅ So, here’s what to do: when you’re thinking about getting a plant, search beforehand the name of that plant on Google and see if can be poisonous for your little furry baby.

Just to name a few dangerous plats: ❌ The Lily, ❌ Peace Lily, ❌ Tulip, ❌ Oleander, ❌ Azalea, ❌ Chrysanthemum, etc.


❗ Essential oils

Maybe you just find out about this now, but these growing in popularity items can be toxic for cats.

✅ Again, if you want to buy and use this kind of oil, Google their name before buying and see if they are safe to use around your cats. (see a comprehensive list of essential oils that are safe for your cat here 👉🏻)

For example, these are dangerous: ❌lemon, ❌lime, ❌clementine, ❌clove, ❌eucalyptus, ❌grapefruit, ❌orange, ❌peppermint, ❌tea tree, ❌thyme, ❌ spearmint, ❌rosemary, etc.


❗ Medication

You can think (and most probably you already are 😻) about your cat as if it were your baby. So, you wouldn’t let your meds (or theirs) at an easy reach, right?

Discussed 👉🏻 here – 6 of the most dangerous meds for cats.


❗ Mouse/Rat Poisons

If you are one of the people that use this type of method to keep your house rat-free, keep in mind that it can be deadly for your dear friend. Mice (dead from the poison), as well as the poison itself, will kill your cat.

✅ It’s best if you find another way to get rid of the mice – there are plenty of solutions nowadays, and more humane also.


Flea/Tick Medications

Cats are sensitive to flea and tick preventatives so, even if we’re talking about another pet getting their flea or tick medication, keep your cat far from them for a while. If we are talking about spot-on/pour-on products, take into consideration that your cat might lick your other pets.



Did you know that onions and garlic can prove to be deadly for your cat if ingested.

Don’t feed them anything with onion or garlic and also, don’t let these vegetables unsupervised on the counter.

Your cat can become anemic for eating these.


❗ Grapes/Raisins

If eaten by a cat, grapes and raisins can damage their kidneys!


❗ Chocolate

Maybe you already know about this, but if you didn’t, chocolate can be toxic for cats and can cause muscle tremors, heart arrhythmias, or seizures. The darker the chocolate is, the toxic it is for your cat.



It can be found in sugar-free sweets and it can cause serious health issues to your cat.

✅ Read the label of anything you buy!



Be sure you make your house cats proof and hide anything that might be dangerous from them.