How to increase the water intake of our cats

How to increase the water intake of your cat

Is there something we can do to increase the water intake of our cats?

Let’s find out!
For cats, increasing water intake can be a tool for improving their overall health.

In some medical conditions, such as kidney disease or urinary problems, it can be of real benefit for your cat to drink more fluids.

So, here’s what to focus on:


The water bowl

👉 You have to try different types of water bowls and let your cat choose between the ones made of glass, ceramic, or metal. Usually, they don’t like things made of plastic so keep that in mind.

👉 The water container must be shallow and wide enough for their whiskers to not touch the edges – the same applies to food pots

👉 Make sure the bowl is always full!

👉 Also, have several water sources around the house especially if you have more than one cat.


Location of water bowls

👉 Might be surprising, but water and food should be at a distance- cats prefer it that way! So, don’t buy double bowls- the ones with a container for food and one for water.

👉 The water container should be placed in a quiet location where the cat won’t be bothered.


Make it interesting

👉 It is a known fact that cats like running waters. Keeping that in mind, you can try and buy a water fountain. Here you can see some bestsellers.

👉 Also, you can place a ping pong ball in a wide bowl so that your cat can play with it- it is important to keep your cat entertained

👉 Make it flavorful – You can try and make the water tasty – you cand put in it some sauce from your cat’s favorite wet food.


Don’t give your cat:

🚫 Milk

🚫 Salty water

🚫 Liquids containing anything from onions- onions are poisonous for cats

🚫 Water containing any type of spices or water that is rich fat (for eg. the water you used to boil some fat pork meat)


Other tips

📌 Water and other liquids  should be offered at room temperature  (fact: the flavor is reduced in cold liquids)

📌  Feed a wet diet (cans or pouches)

📌  Check with your vet before changing your cat’s diet

📌  Adding extra water to wet food can also help increase water intake

📌  If your cat will only eat dry food, try and make it moist by soaking them in water

📌  Try on different things to see what your cat prefers

📌  Be gradual in making changes – cats do not like sudden changes to their food or water



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