Tips on how to calm down your cat

There can be an endless number of reasons for your cat to feel anxious, but most of them are related to their past experiences and to their environment.

Here are some examples of situations in which cats can become anxious:

☹️ maybe you moved into a new house or maybe you just changed the furniture around the house;

☹️ maybe you brought another pet (dog or cat);

☹️ maybe a new person came into the house;

OR MAYBE, your cat is just a little aggressive – this might be due to the lack of socializing when the cat was little. We cannot always know.

Whatever the cause for your cat’s anxiety, you have to show her you mean no harm. Down below you’ll find some tips and tricks to calm down your cat 👇



Blink slowly. (sounds silly, right?) Maybe you’ve seen your cat blinking slowly at you and wondered why is that? They are telling you that you shouldn’t be afraid.

But when they stare at you (don’t stare back!), try and blink slowly and then look in another direction. By doing this you are showing your cat that you are not a threat.


Empower the cat. Let her feel that she is in control of her environment. Here’s how:

👉 Let the cat approach you. If she seems interested in approaching you but is still hesitant, then try and offer some treats or some wet food when you talk to her. If she walks away from you, don’t chase her or try to engage.

👉 Let her choose. Make sure your cat has a safe place where she can go whenever she wants to. Also, make sure she has enough things to play with.

👉 Talk to the cat from the same level so she won’t feel threatened.


Speak in a low, calming voice. Try to keep the noises low around your cat, especially when she may be getting stressed due to an unfamiliar environment or person.

👉 Yawning at your cat – just like slow blinking, this type of behavior demonstrates to your cat that you are not a threat.

👉 Offer them treats, in other words, bribe them!

Treats are a great way to improve the bond between the two of you- give the cat treats or something that she really likes, whenever they show the behavior that you desire.