Tips to keep your cat happy

1. Install a Bird Viewing Station

The reason why pet cats hunt for birds and other small animals is that it’s in their blood.


2. Play with your feline friend

Cats are undoubtedly playful creatures, not as active as other furry pets, but active enough.


3. Let it hunt

No, I don’t mean to let your cat outside and just let it hunt for birds. What I mean is that you should provide them with a hunting game so that they won’t get bored.


4. Always have a clean Litter Box

Cats are sensitive to smell and would want a clean environment to be happy. When they do their own business, they do it in a place where they can bury it after relieving itself. Find out more about the relationship between cats and their litterbox here!


5. Invest in a Cat Tree

Felines are natural climbers, in wild cats climbing on trees are their way of pursuing their prey, and their kind of safe place when they get frightened.


6. Place a Scratching Material in your home

Every cat has their own favorite scratching material, you may need to try out a few scratchers before you can find the right one.


7. Use a Patio

If you want your pet to experience what it feels like to be outside, then consider using a patio or ‘catio’ for them. You can either build your own or buy a ready to be used one.


8. Let it sleep where it prefers to sleep

Instead of buying an expensive cat bed for your feline friend, why not just provide it with a cardboard, old blankets, box, or towels as their bed.


9. Regularly take your cat to its Vet

When cats get older, their appetite and activity normally decline. But this can also be a sign of illness, so make sure you regularly take your cat to its vet to have its health checked.