4 times to use telemedicine instead of going to a clinic

You have more pets 🐈🦜🐕🦎🐇

We’re talking here about having more pets and /or more than one species. You’ll find it easier and comforting not taking them all to the vet at once. You will avoid the hassle of loading everyone into the car and then unloading them at the clinic and also loading and unloading them to get back home.

Your dog or cat does not like car rides 🚗

Some pets get anxious or motion sick in the car. It can get tricky when you try to get a cat into a corner and then into her carrier, especially when you use the carrier just for vet visits.

Rather than risking scratches and vomit in your car, you can opt for telemedicine services and it will be easier for everyone.

You have a nervous pet 😬

Maybe you have a cat that is terrified of dogs or maybe you have a dog that is scared of strangers. Either way, the waiting room can be a scary place. You can avoid unnecessary stress by having telemedicine services offered by your vet.

You have kids 🍼

If you’re a parent, you are probably pretty busy. You’ll find hard to get some time between pick-ups, drop-offs, and work, to get home to get your pet and then taking it to the vet. If your vet offers telemedicine services you won’t have to worry about dragging your kids to the vet office or hiring a sitter.



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