How to prepare for a vet appointment?

Imagine this: your cat or dog has a problem and you call for a consult at your vet’s practice. How do you prepare for the appointment?

What should you think about before and is there something you can do to help your little friend before the vet appointment?

Let’s find out

When our pet has a health problem is easy to become over-worried and it’s even easier to make assumptions and worst-case scenarios.

Instead of looking up symptoms and coming back with seriously life-threatening diagnoses, call your vet’s office or contact them via chat in the app.

Tell them exactly what you observed and ask them if there is anything you can do at home for your pet to feel better.

If it’s an emergency, the people at the vet’s office will tell either to bring your cat/dog right away or to go to the nearest emergency facility.



But if that’s not the case (it isn’t an emergency and it can wait) here’s how to prepare for a vet appointment. Make sure you know or have in handy the following information:

✨ The names and doses of all of your pet’s medications – if he’s taking any

✨ The kind of food he eats – the producers and the name

✨ His/her eating and drinking habits – do you feed them 2-3 times a day according to a timetable or they have access to food at any time?

✨ Information regarding his stool and pee

✨ Any recent travel or tick bites

✨ Past medical records, including vaccine history – it’s easy to have all this information when you use Digitail app

Extra tips on how to prepare for a vet appointment:

👉🏻  Ask your vet if you should bring a stool/pee sample

👉🏻  Make sure you put in your pet’s carrier a blanket or a t-shirt with your smell on it- this helps them feel secure during the travel to the vet’s office.

👉🏻  Ask if he/she should eat before the actual consult

👉🏻  Know your budget


No matter what is the thing that’s worrying you, get in touch with your vet using the channel you prefer, but do it whenever you feel like something’s wrong with your beloved furry friend.