Is bad breath in cats a sign of illness?

Our furry friends 🐱 love to come as close to us as possible for attention and affection. This also means that their faces get very close to ours. Many of you are probably wondering when your cats breath becomes unbearable, what is the reason for this? Many people think it is a sign of illness, but is it really so every time? What happens when cats have bad breath (halitosis)

Let’s see!

Your cat has dental problems

This is the main cause of halitosis (bad breath).

Accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface, especially near the gums, can cause pain, tartar buildup, tooth damage, and in more advanced stages, periodontal disease (an inflammatory condition that can lead to tooth loss and extensive infections of the oral cavity).

Increased number of bacteria is what often leads to bad breath.

Dental problems can be easily discovered (during routine consultations) and most importantly, can be easily prevented.

Your dog has something stuck between its teeth

Cats are known for their guilty pleasures when it comes to nibbling (houseplants, toys, etc.), which can lead to situations where they end up nibbling on things that can get stuck in the interdental spaces or gums.

Your furry friend cannot tell you when this happens and after a while, with the accumulation of bacteria in these foreign bodies, bad breath can occur.


Your cat needs another diet

There are so many options for your companion’s diet. Of course, not all are of the same quality.

Poor quality diets can quickly lead to plaque buildup and associated dental problems. Some of the diets even have a not very pleasant smell, which can cause bad breath.

Another important aspect is how much dry food your companion receives. Dry food is an important component because it acts abrasively on the tooth surface, cleaning it.


Your cat has other health problems

Bad breath can also be a sign of more serious health problems. Some of the problems that halitosis can report are diabetes, kidney or liver problems.

Do you need advice regarding your pets dental health?

If you think that your pet falls into one of the above categories, it is best to schedule a discussion with your veterinarian. You can contact your doctor directly through the Digitail application, via chat, or by scheduling a video call to find out if your dogs bad breath is a sign of illness.

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